Fionn MacCool’s Restaurant Pub
3295 Fairview St.
Burlington Ontario L7N 3N9

When a Mr. Eric Hawn Community Manager from CARA Foods contacted me, to come and do a review on one of their Restaurant Pubs I was honoured. Fionn MacCool’s on Fairview St.in Burlington Ont. is a smaller more pint-sized Pub, but with much robust atmosphere. A welcome feeling of warm browns, strong brick, and has a divergent way about this quaint Irish Pub.
Fionn MacCool’s in Irish mythology was a great hunter/ warrior and when you see the menu it is fit for just that. Hearty Meat Pies, Burgers, Soups & Salads and so much more to please your palate. The cover of the menu mentions Warm Plates, Tall Glasses, Old friends & Shenanigans Welcome. I automatically know I’m in the right place to enjoy myself.

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If you look at all the specials throughout the week that Fionn MacCool’s on Fairview St. has to offer, you will see very clever names for each day of the week. Fionn MacCool’s is a fantastic place for private functions, corporate events, sports gatherings, or if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some Pub Grub Fionn has you covered, they also have the kids taken care of offering Monday threw Wednesday kids eat free all day. I know when I brought my junior food consultant with me, he was presented with his kid’s menu, crayons, and Finn fish crackers, how brilliant to put the two together.

The pizza he ordered was the perfect size, warm flatbread, melted cheese, served with a Caesar side salad and lots of smiles. When the kids are pleased so are the parents.

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I hear Irish music playing around me, and our server John comes over with his Irish accent, I am getting the whole authentic theme and embracing it, almost as if I am in Ireland. We order appetizers Crunch Time Dills, hand breaded dill pickles served with a creamy dill sauce. Golden brown deep-fried dill pickles with a hint of dill spice in the breading. Each bite of these wonderful tangy dill pickles left me wanting a bit more, so much intense dill flavor, the breading crunchy, the dill pickles tangy, and the creamy dill sauce just put all the elements together of a well thought out appetizer.

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Calamari is a staple in almost every restaurant these days, I order it just to see the difference between establishments. Fionn MacCool’s is one of to date the best places I have had calamari. This dish arrived at our table and it was filled with enormous pieces of calamari. Lightly breaded, seasoned correctly, and so tender I could cut them with my fork. This dish comes with a sweet chili sauce for dipping, although the sweet chili sauce was fantastic, I ate this calamari on it own. That’s how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Fionn MacCool’s concentrates on Canadian Locally Sourced products, which is very important today. With fresh ingredients so many things that come out of the Fionn MacCool’s kitchen is made in-house. Chef Lindsey Sinclair prides herself and her kitchen on it. For this reason, Fionn MacCool’s can deliver to you great dishes to enjoy. Every Irish Pub must have a great bar, and although this pub may be pint-sized its bursting with many impressive beers for you to wet your whistle. So many Ales Guinness, Goose Island IPA, Kilkenny, Sangrias, Wines, Scotches & Bourbons to name a few with drink specials each day of the week.

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What dish would go great with a tall glass of Guinness, Fionn MacCool’s Double Stacked Cod Sandwich. This sandwich was stacked with two beautiful pieces of breaded buttermilk cod. Fresh, thick, and steak like, graced with ruby-red tomatoes, slaw, and a fresh airy bun. Each bite crunchy and so delightful, add a little spiced mayo and this double stacked cod sandwich is making time for another pint.

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My butter chicken boxty was a most intriguing dish, as it came to the table I just embraced all the aromatic scents that illuminated from my plate. A potato pancake made in-house, it was soft & chewy almost like a roti but made with homegrown Ontario potatoes. Light Scents of turmeric, coriander, & cumin are just a few of the spices that my nose picked up. Large juicy moist pieces of chicken, sweet sautéed onions, all wrapped up in a thick, velvety creamy curry sauce. This dish was mouth-watering and with each bite you encounter more of the traditional spices. I loved it.

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Dessert is always a special treat for me. Fionn MacCool’s created a Raspberry Shortcake Cheesecake, it arrives in a mason jar with layers of pure bliss. My homemade shortbread cookie enters and as I lift, I get a crunchy buttery crumble, luscious whipped vanilla cheesecake so smooth and rich with sensuous raspberry coulis. My problems just disappeared with this dessert it was exquisite.

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Fionn MacCool’s believes in having strong community roots. Laughter is Brightest Where Food is Best graces the menus, it’s an Irish Proverb. What a wonderful way to bring a Community together… outstanding cuisine, lots of laughter & great atmosphere at Fionn MacCool’s on Fairview in Burlington Ont.

Thank you for a memorable afternoon.

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Melinda Paletta

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  1. Eric H.


    It was so great hosting you and your family, Melinda.

    These are very kind words and we are so grateful. We’re looking forward to hosting all of your followers and fans in the near future!

    Kids eat Free Mon-Weds all day long
    Half Price Bottles of Wine all day on Thursdays
    Live Music Friday evenings
    $4.00 Pub Caesars during Brunch 😉

    See you soon!


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