People think barbecuing is a simple procedure, put a slab of meat on the grill and boom watch it cook. It really is an art to get the right temperature, keeping the meats flavor, & making sure its moist and not dry, I’m telling you its an ART. Chef Ted Reader came out to Beer Town Social House in Burlington Ont. for their SMOKE & BEERS Patio Event. What a spectacular way to start the summer, a beautiful patio, beer, and the scent of succulent smoked meat being tenderly cooked. YOU READY!!!

Da Butchers Daughter & DA Godfather of Da Grill Chef Ted Reader

Five BBQ Stations and Craft Beers were all over Beer Towns Social House patio & they did not disappoint. Each delectable station had a pairing of craft beers to bring out all the flavors of each dish being served. With the beautiful evening settling in and a musical performance from Pat Robitaille I knew this culinary tour was going to be epic.

Hemp Crusted & Smoked Pork Belly

with Sugar cane & Jack Slather Colonel’s Coleslaw
Fire Roasted MASSIVE Jerk Shrimp, crushed coconut rum flambé

Mango-pineapple-lime salad.
“Low n Slow” juicy beef brisket, Bourbon BBQ baste, cornbread biscuits, fried jalapeno, onion & ale gravy
Chef Ted Reader’s crazy canuck BBQ Sauce jacked with maple & chilli, blistered anaheims, creamed blue cheese & Yukon potato salad.
Gin & Grapefruit Cocktails
Italian Pilsner from Left Field Brewery

So you see from my photos, I was feeling pretty good by the time night fall came around. How could you not, all the glorious stations of tempting dishes paired with different beers, it was fantastic.

Da Butchers Daughter!!!
Smoking Beef Brisket!!!
Da Butchers Daughter, Junior Culinary Consultant (Carmine) & Chef Ted Reader

Thank you to Beer Town Social House, Chef Ted Reader and his Pit Crew, my Junior Culinary Consultant Carmine Bruno & my Film Crew.

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