I was at a friends house this past weekend, and met an awesome South American couple. We started talking about ethic foods, they mentioned to me this authentic Colombian place right here in Burlington Ont. Well you all know what happens next, I went right over to Becky’s Colombian Food and Latin Products. It’s authentic alright we went right to work and ordered traditional Colmbian food. Becky’s has a different special for each day of the week. Tuesday happen to be Mondongo day they serve up a traditional beef tripe soup “I know right” (which is cows stomach for those of you who do not know what tripe is). Its loaded with potatoes, corn, peas, carrots, onions, and lots of tender tripe all resting in a warm broth. Mondongo is served with white rice, and piping hot it’s a delicious belly warmer (no pun intended). To wash my Mondongo soup down, they gave me a Avena Colombiana it’s a oatmeal milkshake it’s thick, rich, sweet, and very creamy with a touch of cinnamon. They serve this with lots of ice and tell me it must served very cold, it was tasty. My South American adventure continued, Empanadas! I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this light,savoury,flakey,pastry. They are packed with shredded chicken or beef and I’m going to tell you right now if you don’t get the Becky’s hot sauce with these flavour filled street food, your missing out. Little C loved the chicken Empanadas. Let’s talk about Bunuelo’s these little balls of fried dough are stuffed with a traditional Colombian cheese, so each bite you take you get that pop of sweet and salty, but again you may dip these Bunuelo’s in Becky’s hot sauce for that extra Pow! I couldn’t wait to get to dessert, so we started with Milhoja this decadent desert is sure to please anyone’s sweet tooth. It’s layers and layers of puff pastry but in between those layers, is a sweet cream which consists of condensed milk, sugar, vanilla, and plenty of a sweet caramel taste, it’s a sweet way to end your meal with a latte. Roscon’s were my favourite to try at Becky’s, it’s a homemade sweet bread and they are usually filled with Arcquipe ( a thick caramel sauce) or a Guayaba ( a sweet guava paste) they are a delectable treat. These large Roscon’s are dressed with sugar on top of them and are baked fresh in house just like everything else is at Becky’s, a true South American family experience and the staff will answer any questions you have about the heritage of the dishes they serve. I had a great visit at Becky’s and I love learning about different cultures and their cuisines. I will be back to continue my taste of Columbia, see what’s new, purchase some items to try to make my own take on Empanadas, and try some other Columbian dishes.



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Melinda Paletta

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